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The winery of Sigalas is located in the plain of Oia, in Santorini, in an area called Baxedes. There, the premium variety of the Mediterranean zone Santorini’s Asyrtico, Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and Mavrotragano are farmed in the best possible way to suit their aroma and taste profile, producing fine wines of high quality recognized and appreciated in international contests.

You may visit us and taste our wines and the gastronomical suggestions from Aegean islands, in our tasting room nearby our winery.

Santorini Island.

The vineyard of Santorini or else Kallisti, which means the most beautiful, is considered endogenous. According to the written records, it could be said that the vineyard of Santorini is the same to the one that has been planted again after the eruption of the volcano. That means that the vineyard of Santorini is one of the oldest with a lot of ancient varieties such as Athiri, Mandilaria and Asyrtiko. The latter is the most dominant of all (for this variety could be made a daring hypothesis that it is the same variety to the one of the Kallisti island, Santorini before the eruption of the volcano).

We already know that the cultivation of the vineyard is a significant part of the history of the island and there were some days in the past that almost all islands were covered by the cultivation of the vineyards. So in a unique place known for its natural beauty, born from a volcano thousands of years ago, there is the cultivation of the oldest vineyard and at the same time the unique pruning of the plants (the viticulturists give a circular form to the plant, the form of the basket, so the grapes can be inside the circle in order to be protected from the wind).

What could be said is that we refer to a monument vineyard, part of the European viniculture heritage with priceless historical value. Nowadays 1400 ha vineyards are cultivated in Santorini. The 20% of the cultivated areas are covered by the red variety of Mandilaria as well as other red varieties such as Mavrotragano, but in insignificant numbers. The other 80% of the cultivated areas are covered by the white varieties of Aidani, Athiri, Platani, Potamisi, Gadouria, Glikada and the Asyrtiko which is the most dominant (about 90%).

The yield in Santorini, is very low; on average it is 20-28hl/ha. The island’s soil is of a unique composition. It consists of cinders, rust, lava and pumice stone. The composition of the soil in technical terms is poor in organic substances, azote, argil and almost insignificant content in calcium carbonate. But even in a soil like this, poor for the most of the plants, the vineyard grows normally.

What makes Santorini’s microclimate special is the few rainfalls and the mild winters, while during the summer in the day time dominate north winds and in the night high humidity levels.

The big concern of Santorini’s grape producers in the springtime is the strong winds, which take the sand and hurt the young sprout of the vineyard. If it is windy in the spring or even later the result will be the low production of grapes. And that is the reason of the unique pruning of the plants, to protect the eyes and the young sprout of the plant from the strong winds.

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11.00am - 21.00pm Saturday & Sunday
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